Supply Chain Innovation
Accelerator (Hangzhou, China)

About SCMC Accelerator

Supply Chain Management Company of the Coca-Cola China System (SCMC) Accelerator aims to recruit startups, teams, or individuals to provide state-of-the-art solutions to challenges in three specific areas for SCMC supply chain management. These areas include:

1) Quality

2) Digitalization

3) Automation

Individual innovators, university teams, or startups that apply to SCMC Accelerator’s program will have the chance to join a three-month acceleration program in Hangzhou, China and gain access to mentorship from experienced professionals and engineers in developing their solutions. By the end of the program, the startups will present their solutions to Coca-Cola SCMC Management in China and get to participate in the transformation of their supply chain.

The Challenges



As we accelerate still business growth, more categories will be containing an increasing variety of agriculture produce.  Unlike industrial products, these natural produce typically vary depending on the harvest and country of origin.  Currently we are pre-treating some of the agriculture produce such as pulp in a relatively manual way. 

We hope to find an industrial automatic way to pre-treat these produce before blending them and to detect alien matters in finished products after they are bottled.

An industrial pre-treatment process to detect alien matters in the pulp including but not limited to black seeds, metals, plastic pieces, etc.. The device must be of food grade materials, installed on the pipe and can endure CIP treatment.  It should automatically detect alien matters and reject them with minimal loss.  It must also be non stop process to ensure production continuity.  Success criteria: 100% detection of alien matters >=1 mm and 99.99% of alien matters < 1 mm.

An automatic quality detector to ensure no alien matters in finished bottles. The detector must be on line, compatible with a line speed of 800 BPM and able to screen 100% of alien matters >=1 mm and 99.99% of alien matters < 1 mm.

An overall viable commercial solution to deliver the above goal, including but not limited to clearly defined method, material, technology, process design and potential commercial suppliers/partners



As vital part of driving total digitalized supply chain, Taotie (SCMC’s internal platform) has become critical part of plant digitization which focus on the Make process of supply chain model. We expect Taotie to become a mature, commercialized platform for digital plant.

We are looking for solution on 2 major aspects or at least one of them.

  • Based on current software and platform architecture, we expect a solution with modern digital arts design and rich contents display style which reflects a mature, full functioning with full concept of industry 4.0, and representing future trend of digital plants.
  • We are seeking a methodology or solution to transfer Taotie into a more commercialized platform product rather than a customized development for dedicated use within SCMC.
  • Upgrade the Taotie GUI and display into modern design with digital arts style.
  • Methodology for quick transferring the platform into a commercialized product.



Supply Chain Automation Projects and Solutions for a Beverage Company. Focused either to improve Quality and Safety, Sustainability, Working conditions or Cost and Service.

Key priorities are materials handling, repetitive manufacturing control, repetitive administrative work and non linear work as changeovers, CIP, SOP.  

Project that potentially will give innovative and differentiated solutions that will give us very high returns in competitiveness.

What You’ll Get From SCMC Accelerator

Selected projects will have the opportunity to participate in a free, three-month intensive acceleration program in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China, with access to mentors, engineers, and investors.

Here, you’ll develop your technology and solution under guidance of industry experts and SCMC to tailor your own expertise to meet the growing challenges of a multi-billion dollar industry.


Every early-stage company needs a bit of traction and experience under their belt. Work with a famous company and gain experience in leveraging your own expertise to provide innovative solutions to the global supply chain’s most pressing challenges.

Funding & Resources

Through proof of concept, corporate support, and government parternship, SCMC Accelerator will give you everything needed to raise funding, alongside more than RMB 50,000 in supportive resources and services.


Through this international program, spearheaded by a global company, you’ll gain recognition and visability in media, corporate networks, and investment cirlces to bring your project to the next level.


SCMC Accelerator will offer field trips, training, coaching, and one-on-one mentoring with experienced professionals and engineers to provide an ideal innovation environment for you to develop your idea.

How to Apply


Fill out and submit your application detailing your solution to the challenge you chose to tackle.

Deadline: December 31st 2018

Step 2: Selection

SCMC judges will select 3 teams to join the SCMC Accelerator in Hangzhou, China.

Selection Process: January 2019

Step 3

Develop your idea during SCMC’s three-month acceleration program in Hangzhou, China. Showcase your idea to SCMC Management at the end of the program and see your solution come to fruition in the SCMC supply chain processes.

Acceleration Process: February - April 2019

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